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Win a onewheel pint?!?

Well it sounds as if there is a way to cash in so to say as a fan. If you haven’t heard, there is a fantastic show/podcast that goes live every Tuesday called Voice of Onewheel. Swerv’s own Ky Miller, was featured recently on an episode as a guest to come on and talk all things Swerv and Onewheel!

The show is voiced by hosts Adam Carluccio aka Lucdogg and Matt LaBelle aka Belly. They cover all things new and innovative within the world and community of Onewheel. They talk on original products, interview guests, interact with their audience, and give a full packed hour of Stoke!!!

So you are wondering... where’s the pint? Well if you subscribe to their YouTube channel you will be entered to win a Pint from the creators of the Voice Of Onewheel. They have stated once they hit 1000 subscribers they will be doing a giveaway for a free pint.

Go go check out an episode (we suggest starting with our episode 😘) and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel!


Swerv’s episode:

Or checkout their website:

Until next time!

-Swerv On

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