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The Maiden Floatage

The feeling one gets when stepping on these boards is equal to that of young kid, experiencing magic for the first time. Shock and awe and extreme euphoria.

Ever since riding one of these future boards, Swerv owner Ky Miller, has been obsessed. Ky grew up skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as wakeboarding. “If it had a board in the name I was hooked... until now. There is no board in the name of Onewheel. Yet it’s my favorite thing on this planet outside of my own kids and family.”

Back in October of 2018 I started sketching my onewheel ideas and art. I have been making art all my life. I’ve been drawing and painting on everything. I studied art and took every class through my schooling. I went on to art college and tried to figure out where I wanted to be in the world of art. So when I started making my crude designs I dreamed of an apparel company. Something that gave these designs a home that I could share with my friends. I stayed up late at night researching how to get these ideas onto fabric.

There was so much to do and this community is so incredible that immediately I had people reaching out to Swerv. The more the days floated on the more this idea began to become a reality. My favorite thing about skating was I had so many cool companies that made clothes for me to wear and show my love for what made me so happy. I want to do that for my friends and the growing onewheel community! I want to give them a variety of cool and creative designs that allow them to share their stoke every where they go!

We know there will be hiccups. We know not everything may go to plan. We hope the community embraces the vision and feels a part of it. We are all here to help each other, we just want to make you look Steezy while doing it!!

If you have any suggestions please reach out. We are going to keep growing and building. We are in the research and development phase. This is just the start. The ideas we are working hard on behind the scenes are going to keep raising the stoke levels!

Swerv On, friends! 🤙🏼🖤

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